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50HL-01   50mm heavy duty locking slides

  • Materials : cold rolled steel
  • Metal thickness :1.8/1.5/1.5mm
  • With lock-in and lock-out fuction
  • Load rating: 60kgs / 450mm standard.
  • Full extension with ball bearing, side mount;bottom mount;bayonet fixing
  • Size : 14 " (250mm ) - 32" (800mm )
  • Packing : PE bag/carton/pallets(allows for flexible ordering options)
  • Application: vehicle,ATM,ambulance,fire engine,server and tool box ect
  • Features:
  • Positive lock.Lock-out function ensures drawer remains stable while accessing contents,Lock-in function keeps vehicular compartments secure during transit, preventing drawer roll-out under harsh conditions such as vibration or impact. The mechanism resists disengaging when subjected to side-to side racking. Lock release latch located at the front of the slide controls both lock-in and lock-out functions. Lock release latch is coated with a safety blue finish in a durable soft plastic. The latch is highly visible, yet also easily identified by touch. This allows users to quickly locate the latch, even when reaching around large trays or drawers.