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AET slides has been a recognized name in slides industry for over 17 years. AET slides carry a range of ball bearing slides to serve every slides task great or small. AET slides ranges between 227-500kg heavy duty locking( lock in lock out )slides,lockable slides runners,locking slides, 4X4WD firdge slides,heavy duty generator slidess to 60-125kg medium duty locking slides(lock in lock out) ,lockable slides anti-tilt interlock sldes widely used for industrial storge,vehicles,medical,marine to suit every budget.


New slide runners danamic 
  Tilt fridge slides try system comes out
Lock in/out tilt fridge lides mass producing
lock in/lock out drawer slides mass producing
Lockable slides volume increasing steadly 
Slides  solution 
  500kg heavy duty draw slides runners
  227kg heavy duty generator lockingh slides
  4x4WD heavy duty locking fridge slide
  125kg heavy duty lockable fridge slides
New slides item
  Lock in/lock out heavy duty slides,500kg draw slides
  227kgs,125 kgs heavy duty 4x4WD fridge slides
  4x4WD locking drawer runners/fridge slides M/duty
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